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Thinking of Getting Your Blinds Cleaned?

Why pay for a professional Blind Cleaner to dust my blinds?


Great question!  If you just want your blinds dusted, you can do this yourself.  A microfibre or feather duster will do just fine. But you will notice, especially with Venetian blinds, dust will start building up around the cords.  These little nooks and crannies are difficult to get into by dusting alone.   AND, when it comes to your kitchen blinds, grease builds up quickly and a feather duster will probably just stick to the blind!

The first thought is to break out a damp cloth or even a baby wipe and to start wiping, slat by painfully slow slat!  An hour goes by, your hands are cramping and you've hardly made a dent!  Thats usually when Sunblest Blinds receives your call to discuss the cost of a professional clean!

Blind Cleaning, the Sunblest Blinds way!

At Sunblest Blinds we don't just dust your blinds, we REFRESH your blinds, through our blind cleaning and repair services in Western Sydney.

Our cleaning process gets in deep to all areas of the blind, lifting dirt and stains and other nasties that have built up over time.  Your blind cords also get fully cleaned and come back bright and white.  We also take the time to see if any blind repairs are needed and discuss this with you as needed.

Our facilities are custom built to cater for all types of blinds.  Our staff focus on customer satisfaction not speed.

Consider the frequency of your cleans.

Frequent dusting of your blinds is sure to keep them looking clean for longer, however you won't be able to reach all areas of the blind, and those stains from food and pollen etc will sit there staring back at you day after day.  


Most of our clients look to have their blinds cleaned and refreshed by us every six to twelve months to bring back the new-ness to them. This is especially important for kitchen blinds that get greasy, or anywhere prone to spots and stains.

Find a cleaner that fits with you.

Don't get lost in the crowd!  Choose a business that shows they have your interests at the core of their work. 

We offer same day and multi day services depending on your situation and budget. 


Give Sunblest Blinds a call today to discuss your specific needs!


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