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Blind Repairs

Across Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Penrith, St Mary's & Castle Hill

My Blinds Aren't Working!

Years of regular use and hot summers put a lot of stress on blind components. Eventually something will break. But it doesn't need to be your patience or temper!


Let us take a look and see if we have the parts that will have your old blind working like new!

....and if its time to say goodbye.... we can set you up with QUALITY new blinds sourced from local manufacturers, not from overseas.

Our team of blind repair mechanics are experienced in all types of blinds

Venetian Blind Repairs

Roller Blind Repairs

Vertical Blind Repairs

Roman Blind Repairs

Our Blind Repair Service 

At some point, every blind will need repairs. Whether it's a broken cord or a wonky tilter, blinds can start to show their age after years of use.

But don't despair - there are plenty of ways to extend the life of your blinds with a few repairs.

One of the most common blind repairs is re-cording Venetian blinds. Over time, the cords can become frayed or tangled, making it difficult to open and close the blinds. By replacing the cord locks and re-cording the blinds, you can get them working like new again.

Another common repair is replacing vertical blind tracks. Vertical blinds are prone to breaking, especially if they're made of plastic. But by replacing the tracks, you can make sure they open and close smoothly for years to come.

We Can 

  • Re-cord tired Venetian blinds

  • Replace Venetian blind cord locks

  • Replace Venetian blind tilters

  • Repair Vertical blind tracks

  • Repair broken slats

  • Repair broken chains

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How Does our Blind Repair Service Work?

We know that when something goes wrong with your blinds, you want to get them fixed as quickly as possible.

That's why we're happy to offer our customers the option of sending us
close-up photos of any broken or malfunctioning parts

Please send us as many close up photos as you like that show us the type of blind, and where the issue might be.  We may be able to quote you straight from the photos, or even guide you in repairing small issues yourself without charge!

Otherwise, our process is straightforward:

we assess the type of blind and the possible issue, and through the photo or home visit will confirm the issue and determine if parts are available. 


In most cases, we can do the repair on the spot. 

If we can find the parts for your blinds - we can fit them!
Call us today to discuss your broken blinds.

Need To Restring Your Venetian Blinds?

Are your venetian blinds looking dull, with frayed & tangled cords?


Venetian blinds are a classic window treatment that offer both style and function. However, like any piece of furniture, they require a little bit of maintenance from time to time.


One of the most common issues is broken, frayed or tangled strings or sometimes the blind cords just won't come clean. It is necessary to replace the string on the blinds when this happens. 


As part of our blind repair service we can take care of re-stringing your blinds and have them looking and working like new for years to come.

venetian blind repairs sydney & castle hill
restring venetian blinds
blind repairs sydney & blacktown

Frequently Asked Questions
About Blind Repairs

  • Do you repair broken slats on blinds?
    Yes, we can help with your window blind repairs. Although, if more than three slats are broken or damaged, you should consider replacing your window blinds rather than repairing them. We can talk you through your options.
  • What type of blinds do you repair?
    We can repair different types of window blinds including: - Venetian blind repairs - Vertical blind repairs - Roller blind repairs - Roman blind repairs
  • Does your blind repair service include blind cleaning too?
    Yes, we can care for both your blinds repair and blinds cleaning at the same time! To find out more, take a look at our blind cleaning service.
  • Can I send you photos of my blind?
    YES! Please send us as many close up photos as you like that show us the type of blind, and where the issue might be. We may be able to quote your blind repair straight from the photos, or even guide you in repairing small issues yourself without charge!
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